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Meet our Members: Featuring Yolanda Luckett

  1. Who is your hero? My mother! She has been my rock since day 1 and still is. She is not only my mother but my best friend. She is there for me during good and bad times and even if I just need someone to listen

  2. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Hawaii – beautiful year round weather, can wear my flip flops everyday, laid back lifestyle, amazing scenery, delicious food, beaches

  3. What is your biggest fear? Heights and scary movies

  4. What is your favorite family vacation? Cruise - my husband and I do not have kids so we choose a couples cruise with 5 other couples on Royal Caribbean and we traveled to the following islands (St. Thomas, St Maarten, Bahamas). 2nd couples trip in June 2021 to Breathless Riviera Cancun

  5. What would you change about yourself if you could? Being more present in my everyday life. If COVID has taught me anything, life is short and you need to enjoy it to the fullest

  6. What really makes you angry? Wasted potential and favoritism

  7. What fictional character do you most relate to? Olivia Pope on Scandal - she is a hard working overachiever business woman and very motivational. Gets the job done and her wardrobe is everything

  8. What motivates you to work hard? The great feeling of completion and being able to let others see what a great job I have done.

  9. What is your favorite thing about your career? Changes. Payroll is always changing - I never walk in to work and do the same thing. Everyday something different.

  10. What is your biggest strength that makes you successful? Auditing. I dislike making mistakes so I do everything I can to ensure my work has little to no mistakes. I also put customers first and try to be as accommodating as possible as I am dealing with their money

  11. What is your proudest accomplishment? Graduating with my Master’s Degree in Business Administration with concentration in accounting and obtaining a position at my current employer that I can actually say I love my job (even though we are extremely busy right now)

  12. If you could compare your job to a movie, which title seems most appropriate? Pursuit of Happiness as I found a job that I’m happy at, and even though this movie has sad moments, shows that with determination and never giving up you can succeed. At my job, everyone that shows hard work and determination can move up within the company and better themselves. They are really big on interns and hires some after they graduate college

  13. What would you sing at Karaoke night? Brian McKnight - Back at One

  14. What made you passionate about payroll? Numbers. I enjoyed math while in school and being able to solve problems like figuring out W2 issues or paycheck calculations

  15. What do you think could change this industry for the better? Offering a degree in payroll, payroll taxes and payroll accounting

  16. Why should people want to pursue payroll as a professional? In demand job and growing. Definitely room for growth within most companies in Payroll positions

  17. What is the most fulfilling part of your membership in FVPA? Being able to network with other payroll professionals and attending conferences and webinars to improve payroll knowledge

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