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We are blessed as a profession. As I look upon this last year of trials and tribulations, I want to make sure we Payroll Professionals are extremely proud of ourselves. We do not see TV spots or radio ads or signs in anyone’s yards about how we as professionals kept America paid. But we still keep going, making sure our workers are getting paid and processed to the highest level. My chapter and myself want to just give the biggest BRAVO to our chapter members and any other Payroll Professional – you are valued and appreciated by us.

We have processed whether anyone one of us had COVID, or family struggles through this very different year. Now all the sudden we are running into our annual W2 season. We have to watch all the different COVID leave pay relief and work with our legal teams if we are lucky enough to have one, just to make sure all the important new information is recorded on the 2020 W2.

We watch and audit our companies’ Time Off leave policies, the new Federal W4, time cards, new state unemployment rates, importing or entering all the new 2021 employee elected benefits, and any more new laws coming down our path. Some of us worked remote, while juggling our children's remote learning, while juggling the internet with our spouse possibly working from home.

How do we do it all? We are masters of our craft. There is not one single person in your organization who can truly sit in your “chair” to process, audit, and adjust any of our whole work processing environment. We are Risk Managers and Big picture thinkers who must think not only about the “what if” but we think of processes for this new Management style of immediate gratification “I want it now.” We are never thinking in the box – our boxes are really not even square, are they?

Please take the time to think about all you do and be proud! Be as proud as our chapter is to network and know all of you. May each and everyone of you have a safe, healthy, relaxing holiday season.

We are here whenever you need us…THANK YOU for all you do!

Until next month - Be bold and have an audit-free season!

Laurice – Fox Valley President

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